THE CIA DOCUMENT PART 4: #ProjectStargate #gatewaymethod #monroeinstitute #ciadeclassified

Published on May 11, 2021
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***NOTE - I originally published a longer version of this video, and it "vanished" on YouTube. This is a version that has been edited to see if it stays online.

Part 4 in the series explaining the CIA's declassified document on "The Gateway Method" where the US Army documents the feasibility of weaponizing meditative techniques for covert operations.
In Part 4, I explain how we can begin to tap into what are described by some as the "Akashic Records" by literally a technique described in the document as "clicking out".
I prefer to call the "Akashic Records" "holographic viewing" because everything that has ever happened causes a disturbance in the stillness of Universal Energy - each event causing ripples, which can be interpreted by those who can sense holographic information.
One may wonder why "light bodies" who have vibrational awareness of all events would ever want to be confined incarnate in the heavy mass of bound energy. The reason (obvious if you think about it) is because though you can observe all events through light awareness, it requires embodied mass to cause events to happen. If you are light energy, you cannot clap your hands, therefore sending ripples out to "The Akashic Records". You can only observe.
The CIA Document proceeds to define a process called "tapping out" where you not only hemi-sync both hemispheres of your brain (the document fails to mention the pineal gland, which is a very curious omission), but you lower the amplitudes of your brain wave activity so that the inflection points (where the signal changes direction) become increasingly flat.
This flatness approaches the vibrational energy of the Universe, which in itself a void, and thus timeless, with no borders or boundaries.
I apologize for the delay in getting Part IV out, I had it up, and YouTube "disappeared" it. I went through and tried to delete anything that might be sensitive. I have heard that the CIA deleted this PDF from the website or anywhere on the internet, which is odd. It only draws more attention to this very, very obscure document.
I have the document, and many do, but I don't feel like I want to be the one to republish something the CIA removed. Thanks for watching.
Part V is coming soon. Until then - research Uyghurs and Manichaeism for more insights.

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