Proof That Paul Is A Apostle Of Satan

Published on Jun 19, 2020
A extensive study of the evidence proving Paul (Saul of Tarsus) to be a ravenous wolf and apostle of Satan.
1. INTRO a) No evidence for God orchestrating the canon process or the bible
b) Irrelevant that some of Paul's teachings line up with Yeshua and the true apostles
2. Evidence that the bible does NOT include all of God's inspired word 4:30
3. Falsehoods in scripture serve a purpose 5:20
4. Protestant bible's occult connection 7:25
5. Paul's different conversion stories 8:40
6. Paul acts differently depending on who he is with 12:50
7. Paul was taught directly from Yeshua himself 13:30
8. Compare Paul with Simon the magician 14:40 and 21:00
9. First stop - House of Judas 15:25
10. Pharisee (yeast), Roman (beast), tribe of Benjamin (wolf) 16:50
11. Claims for having seen Yeshua 20:45
12. Brags of; having superior knowledge; chosen by God; his gospel; works harder than the other apostles; tore the law down 23:00
13. Spiritual Father 26:10
14: Philemon owes Paul his very soul 28:00
15: Apostle to the Gentiles 29:20
16. Martin Luther; dispensationalism; 2 Christ's; 2 Gospels; 2 paths to salvation; man of mockery; lying waters 30:50
17. We do NOT automatically recieve the Holy Spirit 36:50
18: Compare Paul's teachings to Yeshua and the true apostles 38:00
19. Paulinists; apostle of Satan; Damascus Document; Rev 12 (the dragon); protestant bible used to include the apocrypha; Paul worse than the Pharisees 42:00
20. Paul's Rotten Fruit; insults and attacks the other apostles 52:10
21: Food sacrificed to idols and Pauls connection to prophetess in Thyatira; promotes adultery 1:01:15
22. Unable to confess Christ as our Lord except by the Holy spirit is a lie (1 Cor 12:3) 1:11:20
23: 2 Peter 2:15,16 - Peter does NOT endorse Paul 1:18:35
24. Men no longer under the law, but women still remain under it 1:29:46
25. Final word; God breaks his covenant with the Church; recommended non-canonical books 1:34:23

This is the link to a video of mine entitled: Christ's number of 318 is the key to understanding the number 666 Pt 2.

The video is important as it builds on the information found in this one by explaining when and how apostasy became rooted in the Church.
The video also explains who and what the Beast and Great Prostitute are that are mentioned in Revelation, as well as who the two wings are that take the woman into the wilderness and what the water is that flows from the mouth of the dragon.
And what the information reveals is that all of the protestant denominations are the daughters of the Great whore of Babylon, who is the Catholic Church.


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