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Published on May 23, 2020
Peter J. Peters is the pastor of the LaPorte Church of Christ in LaPorte, Colorado, and is evangelistic head of Scriptures for America Ministries Worldwide, an international outreach ministry dedicated to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to revealing to the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and kindred peoples of the world their true Biblical identity.

The background of Pastor Peters is that of a cowhand and rancher. Born and raised in in Western Nebraska, he is a husband, father, and grandfather. A graduate of the School of Agriculture of the University of Nebraska, he subsequently earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University in Agricultural Business & Economics. Prior to his entry into the ministry, he enjoyed a successful career with the United States Department of Agriculture.

Pastor Peters received his formal Bible education at the Church of Christ Bible Training School in Gering, Nebraska, from which, after three years of study, he received a baccalaureate degree in Sacred Literature in Bible & Bible-Related Studies.

The responsibilities of Pastor Peters include those of author & columnist, editor, conference speaker, conference host, pastor, teacher, and broadcaster. He has been a guest on nationally-syndicated radio & television talk shows, and has been broadcasting daily on international shortwave radio for almost a decade. He has recorded over six hundred messages on Philips audio cassette, which are available through Scriptures for America Worldwide. In addition, Pastor Peters oversees a tape ministry, which sends out recently-recorded messages twice a month to hundreds of individuals throughout America.

The LaPorte Church of Christ

The LaPorte Church of Christ, located in LaPorte, Colorado, is an indendent, non-denominational Christian church, based upon and patterned after the church found the New Covenant Scriptures.

The LaPorte Church of Christ has been at its present location in LaPorte, Colorado, since October of 1977.

For the past 17 years, the LaPorte Church of Christ has been pastored by Peter J. Peters.

Following is a brief general statement of the beliefs held by the LaPorte Church of Christ:

We believe the Bible, both Old Covenant and New Covenant, is the divinely-inspired Word of God, II Timothy 3:16.

We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Great I AM that became flesh and dwelt among us, John 1:1,14.

We believe that Jesus Christ shed His blood and died in order to save sinners, and that no man can come to the father but through Jesus Christ, Romans 3:23 & 6:23.

We believe Jesus Christ is King, and that he now reigns over the Kingdom of God, a kingdom which exists at the present time and which is above all earthly rule and authority, and that of the Kingdom of God there shall be no end, Colossians 2:10, Daniel 2:44, Revelation 5:10.

We believe that, in order to have salvation and to be a part of the Kingdom of God (Revelation 5:10), one must:
believe in and on the Lord Jesus Christ, John 3:16,
repent of his sins, Mark 6:12,
confess Jesus Christ, Romans 10:9,
be baptized by immersion, for the forgiveness of sins, Acts 2:38, Acts 22:16, I Peter 3:21.

We believe that Jesus Christ came to the descendants of Abraham, Matthew 15:24, and with them established a new covenant, Hebrews 8:8, in the process, purchasing the entire world, Matthew 13:44, which he loves, John 3:16.

We believe that there exists today a people chosen by God who are the physical seed of Abraham, Genesis 17:1-6, and that this people is to be a light to the world and a force against evil. Likewise, we believe that there exists today a people described in the Scripture as anti-Christs, John 2:22, who are children of darkness, hindering the Kingdom of Christ, while outwardly appearing righteous, Matthew 23. Thus, we believe that there exists today a struggle between good and evil, between light and darkness.

We believe that the followers of Christ, in opposing evil, are to hold up the Laws, the Statutes, and the Judgements of God as the answer to the problems of mankind.

The church building is located at 3206 E. Country Road 52 in LaPorte. Church services are held each Sunday morning. Sunday school is held from 9:30 am to 10:30 am, and a worship service is held from 10:40 am to noon. The telephone number at the church building is 970-484-5803.

Scriptures for America Worldwide

Scriptures for America Worldwide is an international outreach ministry of the LaPorte Church of Christ. S.F.A.W. currently broadcasts on shortwave, maintains a web site on the Internet, and publishes a newsletter. S.F.A.W. publishes a number of booklets and pamphlets by Pastor Peters and other authors, and distributes Bible teaching by Pastor Peters on cassette tape.

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