Islamization of Europe What You Didn't Know (((every time)))

Published on Jul 1, 2021
every time , 02.53 set up a racism monitoring center for muslims and jews have to get in on it to see if racist statements are being made about jews! confident it would be the case from neo-nartzis, but it was infact muslims and they buried the report because it didn't fit "whites".
The EU (((elites))) corporations - all with ties to larger elite
groupings - are constantly depending on large amount of
competitive oil and fuel delivery (for machinery, factories,
transport, infrastructure, aviation, seafarers etc.).

To meet these demands on competitive market conditions
they need to be in good standing with the Arabs since
Russia and China are not preferential partners.
At the same time the Arabs put a lot of their investments
into EU which the EU companies barely would be without.

In return the Arabs demand favorable conditions for their
people - which means Muslims - and Islamization of Europe.

The whole hidden agenda is covered up in excuses
about stability, development and integration which especially
is culturally emphasized. That is in fact a smart move to
achieve sympathy in the population - particularly among

However, the numbers don't lie. Virtually none of the official
aims has been reached or achieved significant
improvements (because it's all fake excuses). Only big
corporations seems to have benefited while the Islamization
is rapidly expanding and dividing the population.

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