Redemption Manual 4.5

Published on May 8, 2021
~This is a recommended read, however {caveat} , this Secure Creditor process may be out-dated or ineffective. PLEASE research further on this subject.

Redemption Manual 4.5 (download file): Redemption Manual 4.5 Companion file (download):

These contracts binding us together with the United States and the bankers, are actually not a party-in-interest with us, but with our artificial entity, acting as a transmitting utility, or as they term it, the office of " person," which cleverly uses the same descriptive alphabetical denoted letters as the name given to the living breathing people, privately at birth, but with one difference -- the form of identification changes the symbolic alphabetical spelling with ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

THE UNITED STATES as a corporation, created in England, came under the jurisdiction of England. This entitled England to create laws as England saw fit to do, establish those laws in THE UNITED STATES and everyone who at that time was a 14th Amendment Citizen were subject to obey those laws. This also placed the Congress of THE UNITED STATES above that portion of what we think is the Constitution, not under the authority of the Constitution. Copyrighted, remember? The only Bill of Rights left at this point in 2009, is four Amendments — 13th, 14th 15th, and 16th.

The bankruptcy of 1933 changed EVERYTHING and via the unrevealed contracts of your drivers license, SS card, Birth certificate (of ownership) means that you are obligated to obey whatever "law", really policy, they see fit to implement.

You've only been TOLD that you have freedom, that you're innocent until proven guilty and all that other BS for the past 140 years. America stopped being free after the Civil war and they've been slowly tightening the noose ever since. They're now ready to close it completely and totally cut off the air supply of everyone."

This article is taken from section 7 of REDEMPTION MANUAL 4.5. I have provided a link above where you can download a free copy of this VITAL book as a public service to learn how to take BACK your freedom, your sovereign status as the founders intended and to learn what the heck is REALLY going on with the law, courts, governments and why tyranny is increasing at an ever accelerating rate.

This group is for the gathering of like-minded people interested in the Secure Creditor itinerary, Redemption, construing commercial law-UCC, Maritime/Admiralty jurisdiction and a place to share files , testimonies and posts about your success with the "law society" ,government shills, sinister groups and shady foundations.

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