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Published on Feb 5, 2021
#Biden #Yemen #SaudiArabia #MBS #China #Russia&China #BidenChina
If you're new to the channel, a very big virtual hug for you! Thank you for watching my video. If you'd like to support this mad person to continue to speak, please consider contributing via Patreon - due to disastrous policies online, free speech is being limited. I defend the right for everyone to voice their opinion.
Make sure you like and subscribe. I welcome comments from all sides. It's very important that people voice their opinion, even more so today when we live in a masked world. God bless you. Unity is strength. Yes YouTube - take note. The United States and Russia have finalised an agreement to extend until 2026 (Surah Dukhaan) a treaty limiting their stockpiles of nuclear weapons. Joe Biden has just announced withdrawal of US support for Saudi-led coalition in Yemen. Imam Mahdi. Which is great news, I welcome it. But this move is not going to make the Middle East any peaceful unless Biden takes a dramatic move on the crown prince Muhammad bin Salman and forces him to negotiate with his adversaries in the region. NEOM and something called the line which he's come up with recently -


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