ACH (1449) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Story Of Espionage In World War 2 - 11 Feb 2021

Published on Feb 16, 2021
Andrew Carrington Hitchcock & Dr Peter Hammond discusses the book by Max Hastings - The Secret War. Spies, codes & Guerrillas 1939 – 1945

For those who still need to learn, when Peter refers to traitorous communists in Germany, he is referring to jews working for the Rothschild. Similar with his reference to the NWO, which the Rothschild are at the head of the monster.

Another Jewish lie exposed. Alan Turing (jew) did not break the enigma code. It was a broken by a team of people.

Some very interesting information. The 'allies' (ie countries under the Rothschild dictatorship) knew about all of Hitler's plans, including his attack on Crete (Greece) and Barbarosa, yet they still lost.

When one places trust in jews, and some of them back-stab you, it makes it very difficult to trust any jew. How can one know if a jew will turn out to be a traitor?

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