How To Make Sparkling Mango Wine Without Adding Any Yeast

Published on Jun 11, 2021
Hello Friends, Today I am showing you how to make sparkling mango wine without adding any yeast at home . I know some of you are not able to buy brewers yeast to make wine now due to lockdown. I have used mango you can use other fruit like lychee, pineapple, apple, passion fruit . The natural yeast and enzymes present in these fruits will activate the fermentation which we call wild fermentation . Normally we make wine from sugar but I have used honey which takes longer to ferment than sugar but taste wise it's better than wine from sugar . The wine made from honey is called mead . If you add fruits it will be mead melomel . The more sugar or honey you add the higher the percentage of alcohol will be there . But keep it to maximum 25% . Last 7 days I kept in refrigerator to do slow fermentation since Singapore is very hot now and it's not ideal for fermentation . You can keep longer in refrigerator and after opening you can just close the cap again and leave it there until few weeks to month . This is a very easy way to get alcohol in 10-14 days . Hope you enjoy this recipe , don't forget to like , comment & subscribe. Happy Fermenting !!.

Benefit of Fermented Drinks:
*Boost your immunity
*Rich in Antioxidant
*Rich in Probiotics
*Increase energy with Vit B & Enzymes
*Ease Joint pain

Happy fermenting!
The link for hydrometer :

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