The Greatest Thing Man Has Ever Done

Published on Jun 30, 2021
Just a lonely scholar, the great historical bum
Highly educated from history I have come
I conquered half the planet, toppled empires one by one
That's the biggest thing that men like me have ever done

I saved the Europeans from slavery by Moors
In 732 I led my armies into Tours
The Muslims fought back bravely, but we licked 'em every one
That's about the biggest thing that men like me have done

I fought the revolution to set the country free
My little brother France fought against the Brits with me
The battle there at Bunker Hill may have favored British guns
Soon the world would see that there was plenty more to come

Well we finally captured Boston, put the redcoats on the run
The blood of many Patriots laid beneath the Western Sun
The loyalists still grumbled but they knew that we had won
That's about the biggest thing that men like me have done

And then I took to farming on the great Midwestern plain
Pushed out west to Oregon despite the wind and rain
My children braved the Indians gave em liquor and their guns
That's about the biggest thing that man has ever done

Well in 1861, the traitors stopped us in our tracks
Half a million white men dead all on behalf of blacks
Well Lincoln got his justice deserts at the barrel of a gun
Not among the finer jobs that man has ever done

Well in the 1800s a curse befell our lands
a certain type of people got the reins of power in hand
There names all echoed strangely in the ears of some
Soon we'd fight a culture war that we have not yet won

There was a man across the ocean and he scared the Jews to death
He challenged Jewish Bolshevism down to his last breath
Soon the U.S. war machine turned on him every gun
Signed away our country there in 1941

Well the Nazis were kaput but the communists remained
Among their ranks were legions of these men with echoin' names
They filled our institutions compromised them everyone
Now remains the biggest task that we could've ever done

Well these people own our media they fill our heads with lies
They advocate inclusion which amounts to suicide
They take a hammer to the country meant for our white sons
Beating thems the biggest thing that men will have ever done

Well I better quit my rambling cause I've told you all I know
Just remember brother now wherever you may go
Our fathers left this land for us for our daughters and our sons
Go and do the biggest thing that man has ever done

Song by: Byron De La.
Truly inspirational! This is a re-upload of the original that was taken down. I merely uploaded it for keep sakes so I can have a copy on my channel to listen to.


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