Repetitive Parking on 2 Lane Road 2017 Gang Stalking Stasi Policing of a Single Mother Working

Published on Nov 12, 2020
This is two videos merged together. I think this is important to show because it's the common coincidence that stops being coincidence after it continues to happen, This then becomes proof of a conspiracy to try to make you look crazy. By showing this over and over I'm driving the point home . Like I said This must be the Bermuda Triangle of lucky accidents. Lucky for me I'm easily entertained.

It's tragic the world is so eager to be hateful. If one tenth of this energy was spent on kindness or trying to cure poverty, we truly could be a great and powerful nation. For those trolls or non believers, there will come a day when you will have to choose to be a stalker or a victim.
I pray for us all and will use my half working equipment to keep proving this is real.

Targets, if we don't try harder to expose this we are always just going to be victims.

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