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Published on Sep 10, 2021
From the guy who shared this with me > Not a jump jet - See if you can play this very slowly, as in pause and click, pause and click. My wife took this in Morton washington in 2015.
Sound off, she was typing when I was copying it to my phone.

That's not a jump jet. It's Absolutely military. Morton is a tiny one horse town but an entire block is dedicated to police, military, and freemasonry with flags and statues. It's not far from Mt. Rainier, which is full of underground tunnels that the military controls. My wife was upset about all the lights in the trees, you can see it in the vid. She went to get that, bc there was a grid of lights that could only be seen from camera, not the naked eye, around our home, I dug one side Of our yard up to prove it, our yard had burned areas everywhere the lights were, no other yards were like this.

So the hovering caught her attention, she related, that it came out exposing itself then went back in, so she used her camera using the 16x and showing the mountain to. When she showed me that, it was one more thing that went in the file. Morton isn't big, from our same porch you could see the market and white washed buses filled with full military gear including their rifles, soldiers, would get out being parked at the market and just wander around for 3-5 hours with their rifles.

Logging country has completion and fairs in the summer. We both spotted massive ghostly white in color what I believe are drones, not a sound could be heard, they would circle the entire town.

Washington state has many hidden military ops going on, it always has. But this stuff was clearly on ops Against this town, ie experiment.

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