Trayvon Martin Race Hoax Exposed - Peter Schiff and Joe Gilbert Interview

Published on Oct 4, 2020
Trayvon Martin Race Hoax Exposed - Peter Schiff and Joe Gilbert Interview - Political Leftist class and big tech and media agenda and of dividing the country with race politics and the myth of black victimization. hands up don't shot, black lives matter movements started with the George Zimmerman trail. Now Zimmerman is back in the news. He will sue for the lies and illegal activity by prosecutors, the media and the family. Headline - George Zimmerman lawsuit reminds us of how significant the Trayvon Martin case was for a divided country
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It was the case that launched the Black Lives Matter movement and reminded the country that we weren't living in a post-racial society.
The 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin and the acquittal of George Zimmerman, the man who killed him, hit close to home for many black families and forced nationwide conversations about race in America.
News that Zimmerman is suing Trayvon's family for $100 million in damages this week has put the polarizing details of this case back in the national spotlight.

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