Dostoyevsky-What Youre Not Allowed To Know (about the jews) 1821-81 (Russia) by Aaron Kasparov +book

Published on Jun 15, 2020
Another brilliant person who figured out the jewish threat over 100 years before the internet. (book linked below). Notes:
3.30 The main trades of the Jews throughout Europe's history were- MONEY LENDING, THE LIQUOR TRADE AND WHITE SLAVE TRADE
The secret of the Jewish strength / success is their view of everyone else as alien, inferior and hostile
What has been propelling the jew for centuries? MERCILESSNESS
Churchill quote
16:30 Stalin purged thousands of jews
Dr frederick Tobben - Why Hitler gained support of the Germans and was elected.
Alan Dershowitz - NEVER apologise (for being a scumbag criminal jew who hates Europeans)
Book:- The Diary of a Writer 1919
video quotes link to book pages.
4:30 'I know that in the whole world Page 640
5:30 now how would it be if in page 644 bottom
7:00 it is possible to outline page 646
8:50 thus Jewry is thriving page 648
10:00 in truth, the whole activity page 648
The reason why Dostoyevsky was imprisoned for 5 years, was because he became a member of the Petroshenski group in Russia, which was a jewish group.
Dostoyevsky And The Jews - Pt 1 BN
Jews in "Dostoevsky's Religion"
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