Rocket Fuel - Stay Healthy Oxygen Supplement

Published on Oct 24, 2021
Rocket Fuel is 3 % Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and Distilled Water.
Which you can buy at most health food stores. I bought a 8 ounce bottle of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in Febuary 2018 it lasted a year and half Cost me $8.

I do 1 Spray from the bottle into an empty glass then fill it with about 8 ounces of Distilled Water. I take it first thing when I wake up. So I have an empty Stomach. After Drinking it I wait at least 30 to 45 minutes to start drinking or eating ANYTHING but Distilled Water.

After that I feel Alot of Energy for most of the day til the early afternoon. I only take it once a day unless I have alot to do then I will take a second dose in the early afternoon also on a empty Stomach. At least 2 Hours after eating or drinking anything but distilled water. If you don't have a empty stomach it won't work.It needs to get into your intestines to be able to absorb pure oxygen into your blood.

So after less then a week I got rid of my cold. I then started giving to my elderly mother to help her get over a cold she had for a month and a half. She got better a week later.It also helped her with aches and pains.

Because I got so much Energy from the Rocket Fuel
I started taking it everyday for Energy and to keep me Healthy. Rocket Fuel increases your OXYGEN LEVELS in your Body. Which Bacteria and Viruses can't Survive in a Oxygen rich enviorment.If I played in sports I would definitely use Rocket Fuel!!! It chemically breaks down into pure oxygen and water. How can they test for that?
I have not been sick in almost a Year and a half now. In the last year Everyone at my Work had gotten Sick with a some kind of cold. I'm the only 1 out 9 employers that has not gotten sick at all. And we deal with the public everyday.
I feel Great and my Health is Amazing!!!


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