FULL DOCUMENTARY: A Former Catholic Priest, Abraham Lincoln, and the Monster Church of Rome

Published on Jul 5, 2021
This is the full documentary which includes both parts one and two. In this video I talk about the former Roman Catholic priest Charles Chiniquy and how he eventually departed from the Roman Catholic church after being a priest for twenty-five years. Charles Chiniquy did all that he could to remain in that system but it was the contradiction between the scriptures and the man-made traditions of Rome that caused him to leave.

Charles Chiniquy had many battles with certain people over him in the Roman Catholic system especially a certain Bishop who eventually took him to court. Eventually Charles Chiniquy secured a young lawyer by the name of Abraham Lincoln who had a reputation for being the most honest lawyer in Illinois. Lincoln successfully defended Charles Chiniquy against false charges and Chiniquy observed ten to twelve Jesuit priests in the courtroom who were absolutely enraged when Lincoln won the case. They were expecting the opposite result, and Chiniquy knew that the church of Rome would bring trouble Lincoln’s way one day.

Years later after Lincoln became the president of the United States, Chiniquy became aware of a Romish plot to murder Lincoln. Chiniquy made an appointment to see the President at the White House to warn him. Chiniquy warned the President again after that and it was very clear that Lincoln knew that he was a marked man, and he also believed that he would die at the hands of an assassin one day. Tune in to learn more.


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