Humiliati - Social Pressure Juice lofi losci Dr Bruce Lipton Cyberpunk Rap Science lecture remix amv

Published on Oct 25, 2021
Cyber fantasy lowrider beats to mithridly tune your robot ears to
Light Version of Robot Ears
That's how you know it's working
BBC Human V2.0 & Spiro from on cybernetic technology
Yuri's neurology hacking bismuth antennas & Dr. Lipton on wholistic health
kurzwave lightsynth mythological hip-hop, high fantasy rap, lo-fi chillpop, Japanese city pop, & classic techno
"I can manipulate your psychology with psycho surgery ... containing a DNA code to put in a receptor that I want into that cell & I can control you" Dr. Bruce Lipton Oct 2020, yuri's revenge, Lord of The Rings animated, science fiction scifi & Monster AMV
BTO nanopowder ECM antenna social pressure juice ingredients diy
Low fidelity science lecture remix speech disc jockeying
Program your mind Dr B:
Music By Living Legends, Junko Ohashi Ginger Ninja & blood originals
cosmology metaphysics /x/ nobody
existential crisis music
pi movie lo-fi
Real schizo hours who up
magnetic geometry fun
diy science experiments
amateurs for the love
professionals for the money
take your meds meme
golden ratio meme
wojak stories
schizowave syzygy
Quantum Zen Buddhism

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