Burry: The Market Has Already Crashed; You Just Don't Know It Yet...

Published on Oct 30, 2021
Michael Burry has been outspoken when calling for a market crash, his most recent position, is that the market has already crashed, you just don't know it yet. From Evergrande and the Chinese property market's imminent collapse, to the crypto markets, inflation and the Fed, his reasons for his beliefs are not unfounded. The man who predicted the 2008 recession and the Dot Com bubble is warning us, and perhaps we should listen. If Burry's prediction is correct, we could see a collapse the scale of which we've never seen, and a 95% crash would not be beyond the realm of possibility. Even if we disagree with Burry, on one or two of his positions, or even on all of them, turning a blind eye helps no one. We should listen to people with the authority to speak on these issues, and we should address their concerns based on the merits of the arguments, not necessarily on the merits of who's making them.

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