GET READY FOR WAR - Inspirational Speech to #EndTheSystem

Published on May 28, 2020
Actual footages from several REAL and RECENT protests against the corrupt and broken systems we live in today. It's happening in many many countries right now, all over the world. The mainstream media doesn't want you to know and will make you believe all these people are nothing but trouble makers. It's time to open your eyes to the fact that we can't keep living this way. Our freedom is nothing but an illusion and we are enslaved by debt and taxes that shouldn't even exist in the first place. They slowly poison us through vaccines and 5G while getting away with using a bioweapon against us. Wake up! Let's get our lives back and see what true freedom really feels like!
Riots in Ukraine (2014):
Riots in France (2019):
Riots in Hong Kong (2019):
Riots in India (2020):
Speech & Music:
Editor: WhiteGrrl
I made this video for strictly non-profit purposes, if you have a copyright issue, please contact me directly.

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