Alternative Media Economic Analyst is Revealed as a Kikeological Warfare Operative Pushing the Covid Psyop

Published on May 18, 2020
This individual has a Jewtube channel called Silver Report Uncut and has been a seemingly trustworthy source of alternative economic information for some time now. I was introduced to his content by Rob Goy Pride who has been following him for several years. While SRU correctly acknowledges that there is a broad conspiracy amongst the powers that be to usher in a New World Order, he absurdly claims as it pertains to Covid that the true danger is the virus itself and the government is maliciously downplaying the danger of the virus in order to increase the death toll. He claims “they are instructing us not to wear masks” which is one of many blatant lies in this video.

Adding further suspicion to his motives and against the backdrop of his typically well thought out and articulate analysis, he paradoxically claims their agenda isn’t about control, while also stating they want to eliminate our liberties and depopulate the planet.

This is a classic example of a disinformation blitz designed to mislead, obfuscate, and confuse.

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