Max Resist - "Never Again"

Published on Aug 12, 2020

At first glimpse I sold my soul
Now repercussion has started its toll...

I jumped into the water without testing it first
That decision may have been my worst
I hate to say but I may regret
It may have been a hand that I shouldn't have bet

Never Again...Never Again
Never Again...Never Again

Only one things that's been on my mind
There's gotta be a way out I can find
Didn't realize how deep I'd be
Over my head I can barely breathe
Floating to the top one day at a time
Trying not to loose my mind
I've got an idea gimme a paper and pen
Write this down...Never Again

Should have trusted my gut from the start
Now trying to escape has become an art...

Should have followed all the goddamn signs
Never got off track never fallen behind
The fork in the road was my own mistake
When all along I knew what road to take

Now I'm here wastin' my time
Waitin' for the very next sign...

This time I wont hesitate
Ready to go I refuse to wait
Never again will I make that choice
I've had enough I'm gonna raise my voice


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