jews plans Revealed to the World by jews themselves

Published on Jan 21, 2021
TRIGGER WARNING. Video has frightening quotes from nightmarish individuals, and must be exposed. Viewer discretion is advised as the individual's photos next to the real quotes are very nightmarish looking and the video has music to go along that may be triggering.
Expose the Zionist as much as possible, expose the Synagogue as much as possible. Original video found here:
The video is real in the quotes of these Judaic Extremists and their Marxist attempts to use the media, banking, and political interventions with ZIONISM to spread lies, and division. Exposes how they have latched onto Social Justice reforms to corrupt it and use it as a Marxist takeover of our country. EXPOSE ZIONISTS.
What you will see are real quotes. Do, look up for yourself what these Zionist Jews say. Zionism is the biggest threat to world.


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