How to Spot and Identify The Enemies of Humanity

Published on Aug 15, 2020
At this time in history one must become an adept at discrimination, he must learn to discriminate between what is good for the White Race (the highest virtue) and what is bad for the White Race (the ultimate sin).
The most dangerous threat to the White Race is the Jew. In order to avoid the harm the jew poses to the White Race a White Racial Loyalist (he who is loyal to his own kind the White Race) must become acquainted with the Jew.
In becoming versed in the lore of Jewishness, its characteristics and attributes, one must make athorough going empirical study of Jews in one’s own personal life, through a prior acquaintance with the following works which constitute a basic course on Jewishness:
1) “How to Recognize and Identify a Jew”, by John Doe Goy;
2) “The Racial Biology of the Jew”, by Baron Freiherr von Vershuer, M.D;
3) ”What is a Jew”, from Der Stuermer, the 3rd Reich magazine of Julius Streicher;
4) `On the Physical Characteristics of the Jews`, John Beddoe; Transactions of the Ethnological
Society of London,Vol.1 (1861), pp.222-237;
5) “Purity of Race”, Joseph Jacobs (a jew); Jewish Encyclopedia, 1905, p.283-4; 1901, p.619; other
articles in the same encyclopedia 1901-1905
6) “Physical Anthropology of the Jews”; Jews: A Study of Race and Environment (1911),Maurice
Fishberg (a jew) (1902)
7) “The Biological Jew”, Eustace Mullins;
The first 5 works acquaint one with both the anatomy and physiology of the jew and prepare one to visually, psychologically understand the jew in his behavior and dealings with others. The 6th work adds corroboration of the behavioral attributes of the jew and a perusal of selections from the Babylonian Talmud, the Jews’ religious text drives home the malignancy which is the jew’s inherent nature.
From a reading and rereading of these works over time juxtaposed with a practicum of sensory experience in real life and through consulting search engine ‘image’ searches for such key words as ‘Jew’;‘Jewish’, etc. one can glean a large body of evidence to lend itself to an educational background on this predatory being, the eternal jew, the greatest peril to White survival.
JEWS WHO ARE THEY? ( a brief synopsis)
JEWS are a RACE (a matrilineal inbred ethnicity) ;
JEWS FUNCTION as a RACE (they self-organize around the concept of `chosen people`);
JEWS are ALL of the above………………………………………..and below (traits):
hair: widow’s peak hairline; often dark, curly (could be any color); often receding or bald[ing]; sparse
ears: earlobes attached to jawline; low set ears; often protruding; ‘rat/rodent-like’; larger, especially upper ear
chin: weak; receding; low/slanting
jaw: heavy; broad cheekbones/maxillae
forehead: narrow; receding (acute angle when viewed in profile);
skull: occiput (back of head): flattened/high; abnormally low skull: brachycephalic (round headed)
eyebrows: arched; bushy eyes: almond/asiatic/’squinty’ shaped; ‘lizard-like’; thick/fleshy eyelids; ‘sleepy’; laterally drooping; ‘pop’ eyes (protruding laterally)
eyelids (lower): ‘puffy’
nose: convex; ‘hooked’; noticeable ‘hump’ in top portion; resembles a ‘6’ in profile view; long and narrow;
face: long; thin; ‘pinched'(narrow)
mouth: gaping; frog (slim/wide/pronounced); mouth opening larger than normal
skin tone: ‘corpse-like’; pasty; sallow; yellow
torso: elongated; ‘reptilian’
limbs: short relative to torso length
gaze: wary/piercing
voice: high-pitched; often nasal; sometimes
husky gait: shifty/uncertain; flighty
gestures: moves hands when talking
speech/tone: jabbering; nervous; aggressive; whiney
odour: unpleasant; sweetish
vibrations: ‘dark’; negative; vampiric
psychology: psychopathy; mendacity; surreptitious; obsessive-compulsive; neurotic
JEWISH PSYCHO-LOGY, aka. mind control sorcery techniques used by the jews:
1) scape-goating/ set-up-man/ framing/ frame-up/ transference /shifting blame/reverse projection/ tableturning/: setting up another as the villain to avoid culpability for one’s own deeds; attributing to the attributer what he attributes to yourself
2) straw man: Constructing a false identity of another to have others destroy them thinking it is their real identity; often comes in the form of smearing/ slandering the victim
3) victim pose/ possum play/ passive aggression/: portraying yourself as a victim or weak/inferior to disarm opposition by deceiving them into thinking you are not a threat to their power; also used to incur sympathy from others and turn them against threats to oneself (eg. one’s own enemies);portraying
oneself as a victim/ injured party to weaken opposition through feigning weakness often while subtlety/ guilefully injuring them
4) adhominem/ vilification/ mudslinging/ labeling/ defamation (slander=spoken /libel=written):portrayal of an opponent in a negative light for the purpose of i) destroying or ii)

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