Proof ALL News Is Scripted. Wake Up! Rigged Reality!

Published on Apr 12, 2021
ALL media, the news, political events, entertainment of all sorts, the music industry, the artists, their bios/histories are ALL scripted.
I said ALL, not some, not most, not just the artists you don't like, ALL of them are in on it. Some to greater degrees than others but they are all in on it.You can't get on the jews, opps I mean news, get a hollywood contract, or get a record deal and be promoted unless you are down with the baphomet. Sorry there are no exceptions. The possibility of slipping through the cracks was eliminated decades ago. Those industries are 100% owned and directed by jews, who fill the ranks along with their masonic/eastern star puppets. It's time to FULLY wake up and get away from their satanic influence.
All news fits one of two categories. 1. It's an outright lie. 2. It's a deliberate misrepresentation of the truth.
I will be doing an exhaustive series documenting the facts that it is all a staged deception. Stay tuned, NaatsiNoire.


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