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Published on Apr 5, 2021
Written in 1948, 1984 was George Orwell's chilling prophecy about the future. And while the year 1984 has come and gone, Orwell's narrative is timelier than ever. 1984 presents a startling and haunting vision of the world, so powerful that it is completely convincing from start to finish. No one can deny the power of this novel, its hold on the imaginations of multiple generations of readers, or the resiliency of its admonitions. A legacy that seems only to grow with the passage of time.

1984 Full Audiobook often published as 1984, is a dystopian novel by English author George Orwell published in 1949. The novel is set in Airstrip One (formerly known as Great Britain), a province of the superstate Oceania in a world of perpetual war,omnipresent government surveillance and public manipulation, dictated by a political system euphemistically named English Socialism (or Ingsoc in the government’s invented language, Newspeak) under the control of a privileged elite of the Inner Party, that persecutes individualism and independent thinking as “thoughtcrime.”

The tyranny is epitomised by Big Brother, the Party leader who enjoys an intense cult of personality but who may not even exist. The Party “seeks power entirely for its own sake. It is not interested in the good of others; it is interested solely in power.” The protagonist of the novel, Winston Smith, is a member of the Outer Party, who works for the Ministry of Truth (or Minitrue in Newspeak), which is responsible for propaganda and historical revisionism. His job is to rewrite past newspaper articles, so that the historical record always supports the party line. The instructions that the workers receive specify the corrections as fixing misquotations and never as what they really are: forgeries and falsifications. A large part of the ministry also actively destroys all documents that have been edited and do not contain the revisions; in this way, no proof exists that the government is lying. Smith is a diligent and skillful worker but secretly hates the Party and dreams of rebellion against Big Brother. Orwell based the character of the heroine of the novel, Julia, on his second wife Sonia Orwell. (Wikipedia)

Chapter 2 - 35:13
Chapter 3 - 51:17
Chapter 4 - 1:07:15
Chapter 5 - 1:26:49
Chapter 6 - 1:55:16
Chapter 7 - 2:05:56
Chapter 8 - 2:29:31

Part II

Chapter 1 - 3:11:05
Chapter 2 - 3:33:33
Chapter 3 - 3:50:33
Chapter 4 - 4:07:50
Chapter 5 - 4:26:29
Chapter 6 - 4:44:00
Chapter 7 - 4:49:21
Chapter 8 - 5:03:13
Chapter 9 - 5:23:51
Chapter 10 - 6:40:13

Part III

Chapter 1 - 6:52:50
Chapter 2 - 7:18:32
Chapter 3 - 7:58:53
Chapter 4 - 8:25:29
Chapter 5 - 8:41:03
Chapter 6 - 8:49:36

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