The (Israel) Lobby - USA - 2018 (1 of 4) + Books (banned worldwide by Israel)

Published on Apr 1, 2021
This is one (of many) documentaries that has a worldwide ban placed on it, by some Israeli jews, most likely in Israel.
If you haven’t heard about this, then they have succeeded in keeping you ignorant of its existence, and hence of their crimes.
It would be a good idea to DOWNLOAD AND SHARE with as many people as possible, before the enemy finds a way of banning it and so that others may learn how the Israeli jews play the brainwashing game.

Most upmost respect and gratitude goes to the jew who went undercover and infiltrated this Israeli based international criminal cartel, which is the traditional enemy of mankind. ditto to John Mearsheimer.

For the next 7 parts, goto my channel and scroll down.

We Made A Documentary Exposing The ‘Israel Lobby.’ Why Hasn’t It Run? Clayton Swisher March 8, 2018

I have attached a book which is in essence a manual on how to deceive / stooge / manipulate. This book is priceless if you want to know how the Israeli jews learn how to deceive.
The Israel Project - The Global Language Dictionary 2009

you can learn more about this by watching the annual conference hosted by Grant Smith, where numerous speakers (including jews) discuss how truly ruthless and criminal Israel can be, and how they placed a worldwide ban on this documentary.
The Israel Lobby & American Policy 2018 conference

Also the book 'The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy' - Mearsheimer Walt!p1oSiQgZ!khVHm-aWg8CkedLAg4mb_zJ9npDagjHjoXyolVZuCcc

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The Israel Project - The Global Language Dictionary 2009

jews kicked out 1,030 times from 1,200 BC

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Never forget that during the Russian Jewish Bolshevik revolution, Jews marched in the streets singing ‘The song of the destroyers’. A song written in the spirit of the Talmud.

We shall burn everything.
We shall destroy everything.
We shall wipe everything from the face of the earth.
We shall extinguish the old sun.
We shall ignite a new sun.

(Thanks to mcp for revealing this fact, from MCP show on ‘Stalin was not a jew’ – start at 4th show

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