NSDAP 1932: Vortrag von Gottfried Feder

Published on Aug 13, 2020
Bei diesem Video handelt es sich um ein historisches Dokument. Darin gemachte Aussagen spiegeln nicht die Meinung des Uploaders wieder.
English translation:

0:36 My dear German folk comrades!

In the beginning was the idea, not the act, as you so often hear. For the act is naturally just the realization of an idea. Likewise, in the beginning of our entire movement, there was the thought, the idea that in this terrible chaos that the 8th of November had left behind a new thought should prevail to lead Germany out of need and misery.

1:07 This thought is clearly directed against the forces who had caused the world war. For behind the belligerent powers, we see rising the grinning face of the Jew, who had used his money to push the world into this war. "Breaking of the Slavery of Interest" was therefore the slogan we chose for this fight against the God lucre, against the monster which had virtually devoured all peoples.

1:38 It is therefore not in vain that Adolf Hitler put the slogan "Breaking of the Slavery of Interest" at the heart of our party programme. Myself, I stood faithfully by Hitler during the beginning of this whole time. We did not know us at that time when I wrote I the manifesto. It was not until Dietrich Eckart, our deceased great poet, got to know me that in April 1919, we together distributed hundred thousands of leaflets in Munich, which attracted the public’s attention. “The Manifesto for the Breaking of the Slavery of Interest” then came into existence, the well-known booklet with the clawing hand which nowadays has made its way into the big world. And finally we got together in the education courses which had been established to teach the soldiers and officers of the “white army”, which had liberated Munich, about these economic issues, which have to be known, if we want to move from the economic chaos to a free Germany.


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