The Hidden Hand The Secret World Government 1926 -Part2

Published on Oct 24, 2021
According to Bismarck the awful Civil War in America was fomented by a Jewish Conspiracy,
and Abraham Lincoln, the hero, and national Saint of the United States, was killed by the same
Hidden Hand, which killed six Romanov Czars, ten Kings and scores of Ministers only to easier
bleed their nations.
The Great American Nation should not forget this, if it desires to earnestly prevent a new
and much more disastrous Civil War and a Second World War, both staged by the Hidden Hand.
“It was both silly and dangerous for the Americans to insult so pointedly a highly sensitive people like
Japan" (‘Montreal D. Star", Sept. 30, 1924).
R. W. Page (“Dramatic Moments in Amer. Diplomacy”) wrote:
“In their dire extremity, the Confederates promised Mexico to Napoleon” (p. 139). “Gladstone’s and
the PrimeMinister’s (of England) natural sympathies were with the Southern half of the Country”. ...
“Napoleon was himself a party to the construction of these 4 leviathans (ironclads of tremendous
power) destined to destroy a friendly country ...” (p. 142). “The Emperor made haste to stop the
sailing of the Confederate ships and to assure Bigelow of his friendship for, the U. S.” (p. 149).73
What happened that Napoleon abruptly abandoned his plan to annex Texas and Louisiana
offered him by the Confederates themselves? R. W. Page childishly assures us that it was a
letter written by my old late friend Mr. John Bigelow to the American Consul in Marseilles, in
which he introduced a spurious story; that this letter was intercepted; and that Napoleon was
frightened by this hoax ... No! When the change occurred, French troops were already in
Mexico and no fable about pirates could have frightened him. What made Napoleon alter his
plans was the warning of the Czar, that an attack upon the United States would mean war with
Russia and possibly with Prussia.
“Animosity toward the United States was plainly displayed in England. Napoleon was ready to
recognize the independence of the Confederate Government. The Russian Government, however,
refused to accede to the French desire for joint action among the powers” (“American History” by J.
Alton James and A. Hart Sanford, p. 40).
“England and America were brought to the verge of war by the affair of ‘Trent’ and later by the
building of Confederate vessels in English shipyards” (“American Political History” by Miss Viola A.
Conklin, p. 402).
“England recognized the Confederate States as a belligerent power. France and the other
powers of Europe followed this example. Russia remained friendly to the Union cause, and in
1863, when the success of the cause looked doubtful, a fleet of Russian war ships came into the
harbor of New York.” (“The Student’s American History” by Montgomery, p. 453.
73 J. Bigelow learned about the 4 leviathans on Sept. 10, 1863 and at first disbelieved it. But already on Sept. 8


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