Veronica Wolski Dies in US Holospital in Scamdemic & Ivermectin Panacea

Published on Oct 10, 2021
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Veronica Wolski was a 64-year-old female blogger. She went to a kosher hospital in the US with the phony cow-id diagnosis. Then never went out of it alive.
If she were not a crisis actress deleted from the scene this way after her job was done and remained alive, then she was treated to death by jews with their special protocols for goyim.
I know many of their medical tricks used for killing goyim with moronavirus and beyond. Including very simple and most effective. Like using synthetic bandages instead of cotton bandages. Synthetic air-proof bandages facilitate the growth of anaerobic bacteria resulting in gangrenes, then mutilation or death. Using this gangrene making trick jews killed a young singer Julia Natschalova / Юлия Началова:
Just a glimpse into their kosher medicine. To know which one exact trick jews used this time on Wolski, besides the phony moronavirus diagnosis itself, the record of their actions on her must be available. A basic ventilator could do the trick.
Also you see here their kosher panacea Ivermectin in the story. They inverse-market it. The same way they market drugs that they make and import from Afghanistan for stupid goyim. They show it in a negative light, but still show. And it still gains publicity and grows in demand.
The moronavirus is a proven scam and Ivermectin, even given its efficiency for parasites, is not the proper remedy anyway and is only used by jews to mock their stupid goyim cattle as depicted in my graphics below:

Jews treat a female to death in their factory of death in Russia, in 2010:

Avoid jews, their kosher hospitals and ivermectin. Should you want to try any of these, better start with Ivermectin, as it is the safest among the three.

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