9/11/01 WTC7 Collapsed Report from CNN's aaron brown

Published on Aug 9, 2020
4:10pm, 9-11 WTC7 destroyed (still standing in background); CNN's aaron brown first to report. When this cold world starts getting me down...up on the roof!

Strangely enough, he didn't know whether World Trade Center building 7 was there or not, even though he presumably had a straight view from his rooftop and we, his idiotic gullible viewers, could see the Solomon Brothers (Bros) building right there over his left shoulder. Aaaron brown did not get guidance from his studio (Daryn Kagan, where were you when you were really needed!) telling him what was where.

Tall, straight and no fire to be seen, WTC7, even in the close up shots, looked like any other building that was in the line of sight. 47 stories of one of the best constructed skyscrapers in history.

Joe Craine, the YouTube martyr, and I wish to thank berlinausdermatrix for drawing our attention to this segment.

At the end of this segment, judy woodruff, shows us wtc7 and also can't tell us if it is up or down. Do not try this at home, they are professionals.

Look at the "green screen" edging around aaron brown's shoulders as he "looks" downtown. Watch as the zoom and position of the view is adjusted, while the view of aaron brown stays fixed. Note the left border of the downtown view as we introduce aaron brown, then the change in the next "downtown" view as well as the jerky camera adjustment that does not jerk aaron brown. aaron brown has no idea of what he is looking at, other than a green wall.

Listen to the sound of jets flying overhead the entire time. Maybe there was a jet parking place just over CNN's fake roof?

We had been shown video of several floors on the east face of wtc7 burning with flames shooting out of the windows many feet, yet this video of wtc7 shows no flames anywhere at all. judy woodruff shows us a close up of wtc7 - no fire - and she explains that maybe it has already collapsed, but we cannot know because CNN doesn't have any one with a phone downtown. She describes the video as live. CNN has the "live" screen logo. But neither professional reporter knows what building they are showing us. TV Fakery is the reason.

They never mention that St. Nicholas Greek orthodox church, wtc3, wtc4, wtc5 and wtc6 are already gone. They never mention that Vesey St is now a war zone of craters.

As you watch, do remember the official wind direction was from the NW, which is the right of the screen. CNN will show us smoke arising from the right of wtc7. The verizon building and WFC 3 (American Express) are to the right. Neither was reported as being on fire.


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