Politicians - Same Script, Same (jew) Masters, All Fake! Politics like All Media Is To Keep You In The Fake System Of Democracy.

Published on Apr 13, 2021
"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organised habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country" -Edward Bernays

"The press is our chief ideological weapon" -Nikita Khrushchev

"He who controls the media controls the minds of the public" - Noam Chomsky

Only a psychopath could read someone else’s lies from their teleprompter with such feigned emotion. And only the flag-waving, dumbed down masses could believe them. Politicians are puppets, and your only questions should be:
“Who is writing their speeches? And who is pulling their strings?”


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