The War On Whites In Advertising: The Banned Sprite Commercial By Guess (((WHO)))

Published on May 26, 2020
This video is uploaded only as documentation material. More info BELOW. (note: the voice is German).
MORE on: Anti-White Propaganda: (More topics? See the 'about' section of this channel).
Background quote: "The ad was not created or paid for by Sprite, nor was it even created in Germany. Instead it was financed and directed independently by Max Isaacson, a New York Jew. The significance of this cannot be overstated. There was no financial incentive. Nobody requested that this commercial be produced. It is not as if Sprite had this idea, and that Max was merely the person who brought their vision to fruition. The entire project, from start to finish, was a Jewish expression of ethnic hatred towards whites, again using blacks as their pets, to send a message – in German, no less. The commercial was “fake” only in the sense that it was not produced or endorsed by Sprite. Its message, however, was very real" ( )
(Part 1 of same article topic: )
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