#TheirABC Radio journalist & school teacher keeps license after child abuse confirmed in court

Published on Jul 7, 2021
An exhausted Luke McKee Australian UNHCR Registered Political Refugee, dissident and anti-pedophilia activist joins the Real Deal to break the story here first of what may be mainstream news in the coming days.

A future show will present all the materials relevant to this story and coverage from other journalists Luke has informed to publish their take on the developments.
Luke previously covered the case in 2016 of the @twodadsandme politically protected pedophiles on the Real Deal in relation to them being able to create a high profile fake news story known as #IllRideWithYou that Obama issued Whitehouse statements in solidarity with

Michael's QLD AIDS Council & Facebook associate (@slurptea1 Matthew Hynd) was deported to NY for child porn prior to first trial!

Luke's quickly censored tweets confronting the guilty parties when the case law broke can be seen here:
https://www.queenslandjudgments.com.au/caselaw/qcat/2021/54 ("spouse" in this case law is Michael O'Brien aka twitter.com/twodadsandme / @MichaelJames_TV who is still working with children all this year at Tambourine Mountain State High School that celebrates Pride History Month and Wear it Purple events coordinated by this magistrate confirmed child abuser.)
The fact he is still in the school proves a politically correct "gay pride" motivated culture that is covering up sex crimes with children, because the image of the gay lobby and their top tier activists is more important to the government that keeping children safe from child abusers.
Michael O'Brien has received so many awards and accolades for being a "great gay dad" from media, and even won the first National Carer Awards $50K Gold Coast Junket administered by lwb.org.au who promptly deleted him from their press releases rather than apologize to the public. 

These awards he even gives himself writing his own puff pieces on whilst court hearings were discussing him giving date rape drugs to children.

https://qnews.com.au/flashback-remember-this-ripnroll-turns-ten/ https://archive.is/wip/5dqz5 https://www.abc.net.au/news/2011-06-01/rip-26-roll-for-the-children/2740604

It is his belief that by being such a high profile gay activist, it would be too politically inconvenient for the authorities to give him the punishment he deserves for his role in the abuse of a St Josephs Nudgee Catholic School student he befriended before being fired as a gay teacher there, only to complain about it in the media.


Luke hopes there will be a Royal Commission that can investigate and prosecute those responsible for neglecting their duties to keep children safe to protect a darlings of the left and the gay lobby. Australian's must not let this pass - if needed we must protest outside the school and say "Date Rape Drugs are Not for Kids - GAY TEACHER OUT!" until the story is broken and justice is done.
https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=5MAG9GXH5HD9 (Real Deal with Jim Fetzer RE: Michael O'Brien aka RipNRoll_Guys aka MichaelJames_TV aka TwoDadsAndMe and Martin Place Lindt Siege)
https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=M8K996WOHNXD (Livestream where Michael O'Brien and Co got a good mention)
https://www.9news.com.au/national/brisbane-nurse-treated-14-year-old-alleged-victim-like-personal-prostitute/2302863d-e704-427e-b2d6-757d68c21519 (Trial where justice was not done because the jury trusted a supplier of date rape drugs to kids who was associated with other convicted paedophiles on facebook as more credible than the child abuse victim)
http://tinyurl.com/stopgaypublicsex (NSW Submission)
http://tinyurl.com/VEOHRCpedosMustFall (VIC Submission)
http://bitchute.com/hojuruku & https://153news.net/view_channel.php?user=hojuruku

Join Luke and see his evidence on his new telegram group at http://t.me/deepstatepedohunters for exhibits and Q&A.

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