ISRAELGATE: Gun/Drug-Running, PROMIS/Cyber-Tech & Fake Terrorism (( Pt. 3 ))

Published on Jul 12, 2020
NEVER FORGET THE USS LIBERTY !!! NEVER FORGET THAT MOSSAD DID 9/11 (MIKE HARARI, ISRAELI SPECIAL COMMANDO OFFICER; he played a role in the Iran-Contra affair on both ends, supposedly played a role in the JFK killing and 9/11 as well.) Israel is not an ally. Not officially, or unofficially. Never should be one, never should be considered one... they will attack whenever the ends justify the means and the goals benefit SOVIET ISRAEL. (( Soviet Active Measures ))
The propaganda and the manipulation online is HEAVY... example... an IDDY-BIDDY little channel like mine is being MONITORED and MANIPULATED and my tiny amount of subscribers having to RE-HIT THE NOTIFICATIONS BELL over and over because my channel keeps getting delisted and shadow-banned from their search algorithms and all that stuff. It's fun! Gotta love it knowing that someone without any political following actually scares big old Tel Aviv. C'mon guys.... lulz
Hope you enjoy the video.... stay tuned for PART 4 and look out for a recent upload alert for a NEW 9/11 type FF ATTACK as announced by the WINEP (Washington Institute for Near-East Policy), the ultra-Zionist Neocon think-thank that just announced they've always used false flags to get America into war and they're going to do exactly that with Iran to do the same (and even specifically suggested sinking an Iranian submarine saying 'Who would ever know?' ... evil sick pricks, I'm telling you!)


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