Black Nurse gets Bell's Palsy from the Covid-19 Vaccination

Published on Dec 28, 2020
Get the CV-19 Vaccine if you want Bells Palsy like this Black Nurse from Nashville, Tennessee. This lady pleads with the public not to take the shot. She says "Please, America, they don't care about us..." and she's absolutely right. They DO NOT care about you or I! The Covid-1984 vaccination is NOT medicine & the PCR is NOT a test! These are Zionist Criminals who know NO morals nor human values! This is a PLANDEMIC, nothing more. They stage managed this entire fiasco for profit & depopulation. See #Event201 and the #Great-Reset (World Economic Forum) for more on that ... behind it all you will find the John Hopkins Center and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Sordid murderous entities who want nothing more than to harm the public at large for their version of a "sustainable future." See #Agenda21 & #Agenda2030 for more on this ... these fuckers mean business!

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