London Rav Rabbi Ephraim Padwa Filmed Secretly About Child Abuse

Published on Jul 25, 2020
A victim of child sex abuse in one of Britain's religious communities goes undercover to expose the way his community has for decades been dealing with paedophilia.

Rabbi Ephraim Padwa, the man who leads the Strictly Orthodox Jewish community in London's Stamford Hill, is the subject of this secretly filmed interview. He is seen telling a man who says he was sexually abused as a child by a member of this community, that he must not report his claim to the police. He says that this is 'Mesira', meaning that it is forbidden for one Jew to report a fellow Jew to the authorities.

Jackie (the reporter): We asked Rabbi Padwa to explain his actions. The Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations (the organisation he heads) sent us this letter ... It says 'The Jewish Community considers the safety and protection of our children as paramount.' It says we [the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations] have established 'Robust structures to deal with child abuse'. And that 'We work and will continue to work with police and social services ... to build trust and to create a system which does address and resolve allegations of abuse within our community'. But it also says, 'The authorities understand that, unfortunately, some in our community would simply not be comfortable participating in a police investigation'.

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