'I trained in Moscow for Black Revolution'—Leonard Patterson

Published on Aug 23, 2020
Leonard Patterson aka Walter Leonard Patterson
Waiter, chauffeur, and cab driver
1928-1935 = joined Young Communist League and served on YCL National Committee 1929-1935; also served as YCL District Organizer for Philadelphia and Maryland during 1930’s = Organized seamen in Baltimore
1931 = Young Communist League District Organizer in Philadelphia
1932-1933 = Patterson attended Lenin School in Moscow under name Cotton Terry.
1934 = Candidate on CP ticket for State Senator, 4th District Maryland
1934-1935 = Young Communist League District Organizer in Maryland and WDC
1930-1937 = CPUSA member (but expelled)
1931-1932 = attended Lenin School in Moscow
1951 = Patterson was contacted by FBI-Detroit field office for information about an individual who had attended the Lenin School in 1932.
1/27/66 = Patterson appeared on Louis Lomax TV program (KTTV—Los Angeles) and he charged that Watts riots in August 1965 were directed by the CPUSA.
2/28/66 = Patterson stated in Attleboro MA that our civil rights movement was part of a conspiracy starting in the 1930’s. He stated that the Watts and Harlem riots were “a pattern, just a continuation down the line”. He told audience that NAACP, CORE and MLK Jr. were all “under the leadership of the American Communist Party”.


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