Post war Jewish plan to genocide 6 million Germans as revenge for the "Holocaust"

Published on Jul 2, 2022
This documentary describes a largely unknown post WW2 event where Jewish terrorists made a serious attempt to Genocide millions of German civilians. It provides insight into the Jewish Talmudic psyche of hate, revenge and genocide which is unknown to the general public due to the media’s false portrayal of Jews as a people who are largely passive, non-aggressive and highly virtuous compared to non-Jews.
This terrorist group headed by Abba Kovner was called Nakam ( and initially drove kidnapped soldiers out to remote forest areas to be executed and buried. Not satisfied with this slow and low level number of deaths Kovner thought up “Plan A” to poison the water supplies of Nuremberg, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich to kill millions of civilians. Chaim Weizmann, chemist and later to become 1st president of Israel, even helped in this attempted genocide by supplying the poison to Nakam from his institute in Tel Aviv.
The narration is somewhat disingenuous by repeating the symbolic "6 million" figure since this number only really came into wide scale public consciousness at least a decade after the war. Mentioning the 6 million figure was likely used to insinuate that “Plan A” was purely an “eye for an eye” type of revenge act and hence was possibly justified or at the very least understandable. In reality “Plan A” was designed to simply kill as many German civilians as possible with the limited resources they had at their disposal and wouldn't have stopped at 6 million if they had the capability of achieving a greater death count.
Although ultimately unsuccessful it’s poignant to remember this Jewish mentality in today’s world in light of seemingly ongoing crises. The general public are continuously made aware of the dangers of Islamic extremism yet Jewish extremism is just as dangerous if not more so due to it being covert (remember Mossad's credo: "By stealth thou shall do war"), hidden and "sophisticated". Look at 9/11 and the USS Liberty as just two examples.
A recent article in Israel's Haaretz newspaper confirmed this event:

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