What is a powerful industry in our society that is working overtime to invent mental illnesses ?

Published on Feb 5, 2021
You may think there is enough disease in the world already, and that no one would want to add to the diseases that we humans must deal with. But there is a powerful industry in our society that is working overtime to invent illnesses and to convince us we are suffering from them.
This effort is known as “disease mongering,” a term introduced by health-science writer Lynn Payer in her 1992 book Disease-Mongers: How Doctors, Drug Companies, and Insurers Are Making You Feel Sick. Payer defined disease mongering as “trying to convince essentially well people that they are sick, or slightly sick people that they are very ill.”
Psychiatrists know about it. Drug companies know about it. Advertising executives throughout the world do, too.
This strategy has also been called “the corporate construction of disease” by Ray Moynihan, Iona Heath and David Henry in the British Medical Journal. “There’s a lot of money to be made from telling healthy people they’re sick,” they say. “Pharmaceutical companies are actively involved in sponsoring the definition of diseases and promoting them to both prescribers and consumers.”
Disease Mongering is a highly successful strategy that turns common life situations into psychiatric disease states, getting people of every walk of life to worry about the latest “mental illness”—and to demand a pill.
And it works. Psychiatrists and drug companies have carved out a lucrative market niche grossing over $150,000 every minute.
According to one marketing guru, “No therapeutic category is more accepting of condition branding than the field of anxiety and depression, where illness is rarely based on measurable physical symptoms and therefore, open to conceptual definition.”
Big Pharma is a monster that’s long been out of control, and that is due to its chief enabler, big government, whose bureaucrats profit immensely from promoting Big Pharma’s agenda to grow and protect its profits.


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