COVID-19 Does *NOT EXIST* according to the CDC & FDA! (( PROOF ))

Published on Oct 31, 2020
Read it! They have never isolated the 2019-nCoV virus aka Novel Coronavirus aka Covid-19! This is all FAKE. The joke's on YOU, though!!!
You can download the 59 page PDF yourself and read it. It's in BLACK & WHITE. The proof is there for the world to see. The emperor has no PANTS ON.
Fuck you U.S. Government and world leaders/industry leaders. Fuck you Kill Gates. Fuck you Drumpf.
Download the PDF from the FDA . gov here -
The CDC just re-directs to the FDA link above -
( or ) Download it from here (where I read from) -
THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY. It's a conspiracy fact. These fuckers have already conspired to murder millions, profit from it & then enslave the public further using draconian active measure tactics to encroach upon our rights while pretending to be our saviors! LIARS, the lot of em.

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