(((Michael A Hoffman II))) Interviews A Waffen SS Veteran (1985) Bill Cooper Extras

Published on Jun 4, 2022
People Control & Mind Control - Michael Hoffman II (Bill Cooper Extras): https://youtu.be/KnqmTMxoUJ8

The Waffen-SS was the combat branch of the Nazi Party's Schutzstaffel organisation. Its formations included men from Nazi Germany, along with volunteers and conscripts from both occupied and unoccupied lands.

Secret Societies & Psychological Warfare #1 Of 3 - Bill Cooper: https://youtu.be/AoTX3Ijda9I

According to Wikipedia: Michael Anthony Hoffman II is an American author. He has been described by critics as a conspiracy theorist and by the Anti-Defamation League, as a Holocaust denier and antisemite.

Additional Links In The Description Box: https://youtu.be/iny_jeGdKTc

Cooper Links: https://youtu.be/MJOecjiKyZw00

Extras: https://youtu.be/3dVGvogUttg


HOTT Music Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4b93JMZ7RIOdv4twFrsMn5ivXJmuP8WP

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