MyWhiteSHOW - PCR Man Blasts Liar Fauci. SpaceX FakeX..

Published on Dec 12, 2020
* Click to my website for the full description, along with videos you have yet to see and my CREDENTIALS page. Nothing like it.
Season One of MyWhiteSHOW — which is Your White Show — nears its finale with this hourlong, hard-hitting truth fest.
Kary Mullis, inventor of the famous PCR process, died last year, 2019. But long before he did, he called out the famous HIV/AIDS liars — one of whom is a Covid liar, too — Gallo and Fauci. See the video right here. Let’s nail the coffins shut on the criminal HIV fraud and the criminal Covid fraud — jew frauds.
Also, let’s analyze the latest LOL fake from SpaceX: a comic-book reverse landing and explosion — with all the untimely camera changes and jarring edits we’ve come to eXpect from crypto-jew pedo Elon Musk and company.
The full description on my own website names the jew rock-music propagandists most Whites have been duped to adore. And there you'll find info on some website owners who need a kick in the head, and, oh, there's more. Such as? The reason we're here.


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