Statement on behalf of Ireland’s defence forces (.i. Óglaigh na hÉireann)

Published on Apr 28, 2021
Since our overt units (including the uniformed army and An Garda Síochána) are currently under the control of a treasonous and murderous dictatorship, who also control all “official” information, this statement, in addition to our earlier submission to the State via an Garda Síochána (18Dec2020), sets out the current situation with regard to defence against the illegal, treasonous and murdering junta that still poses as an Irish Government with the collusion of RTÉ and the other establishment propaganda outlets.
In the absence of a credible system of control by the Irish people, we once again assume guardianship of the welfare of our people for this final and permanent time via our existing Poblacht na hÉireann structures (also known as The New Irish Republic).
The work of this new government must begin with defence, since we are still in grave danger - largely from those who pose as our protectors.
Terminal accusations have been made via proper channels of treason and mass-murder by members of the sitting government and others.
Since that treasonous and murdering government controls the law-enforcement systems, we are quite correct and justified in going over the heads of these domestic enemies.
So we have done just that.
Our covert units are fully informed and equipped and await further instructions.
There will be no military action unless these criminals refuse to comply with the will of the people to live in a peaceful, democratic and fair Republic - none of which words apply in any way to the current tyranny. The complaint submitted to An Garda Siochana on 18 Dec 2020 must be publicly investigated and followed through in the open and accountable way that we intend to continue to use to manage our affairs.
Many of us have struggled for years against this mean and detestable ruling establishment that was installed by Britain in the early 1920s and upheld by Britain ever since.
This struggle will continue now as we enter the final weeks of our journey to the long-awaited Irish Republic, in which we the people govern and control our own affairs.
I now demand that Leo Varadkar, Simon Harris and the rest of the criminal gang who continue to impose an illegal imprisonment on our people - and many other criminal actions - vacate the positions which they have treasonously abused.
Truth will be told.
Justice will be done.
We will be free and independent of malicious domination, coercion and exploitation.
Mise le meas,
Proinsias Mac Bhloscaidh
Rúnaí Iomláine (Uimhir Carthannachta: 18591)

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