CHINA'S FINANCIAL COLLAPSE! Evergrande's Failure & Debt Crisis...

Published on Sep 19, 2021
Finance! Investing! Economics! Business! Stock Market! Real Estate! Evergrande! Chinese Stock Market! Financial Crisis! Credit Crisis! Credit Crunch! Freeze! Chinese Housing bubble! Debt Crisis! China Debt Trap! Chinese Economy! China Housing Market! China Housing Bubble! China Collapse! Real Estate Market! Eleven years ago, to the week, Lehman Brothers collapsed, in what would become one of the worst liquidity crises of all time, and right now in China, a near identical event could be happening, that would affect the worldwide economy much like the Great Recession. You’ve probably been hearing a lot about Evergrande, the absolutely gigantic real estate firm based in China that might be about to collapse and leave a wake of devastation behind it. There have been an awful lot of people likening what’s happening in China right now, to what happened in the US in 2008, and this has obviously got a lot of people worrying.

But the truth is, that the problems with Evergrande and China don’t just start with real estate, and they don’t end there either. It turns out, that the Chinese economy is based on debt just like ours is, and when debt gets out of control, when bankers get greedy and corrupt governments fail to take action, economic turmoil almost always lies in wait. Now much like the Archegos collapse earlier in the year, I know that a lot of people might be seeing Evergrande in the title of articles right now, but there’s so much background information and nuance at play here, that many still don’t really know what’s going on. But that’s what this video is about today, I’m going to do my best to explain the ticking time bomb that’s propping up the Chinese economy, and what this all might lead to.

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