MCP 3-6 April 2007 Mark Glenn, Hitler did not ban guns, USS Liberty, The Bell Curve = jewish lies

Published on May 19, 2021
If you haven’t heard of MCP, that’s because some criminal jews want it that way. With over 30 years research and having read over 10 000 books on the 'jewish' issue, MCP can be considered an expert on the 'jewish' issue, which has infested our world, in the same way that a cancer infests a human body, and hence should be eliminated.

For those who want to start from MCP’s 1st radio Show 1 Feb 2006 you can get the links from my pdf, its quicker

A very big thanks to Reasonable Doubt for providing the missing 2007 shows.

Remember that jew Arial Cohen states “Holocaust deniers are a clear and present danger to world peace and therefore they must be destroyed!” --- sounds like this jew is calling upon his soldiers to murder holocaust deniers. Where are the police and FBI ? What are they doing ?

Never forget that Sephardic Rabbit Yosef said ‘it’s permissible to kill anyone who thinks evil thoughts about yeshiva students.’ (which are students that focus on the study of traditional religious texts, primarily the Talmud, the Torah, and halacha (Jewish law)) MCP 8 April 2008

20070406 12 Alex Jones claims that Rothschild are Nordic, CFR & RIIA = Rothschild, 16 Sun Young Moon = CIA, jews burnt a Synagogue because a Rabbi criticised Israel, 39 David Irving chose to have the case heard in front of a judge as opposed to a Jury (vs Debra Lipstad the liar)

20070405 Guest Mark Glenn - Hitler did not ban guns – the American jews took the guns from Germans, 7 Jewish publication ‘Commentary’ – article promoting jewish supremacy – The Bell Curve = jewish lies promoting jewish supremacy = racism, 24 Noahide laws, we are dealing with predators,

20070404 Guest Mark Glenn – USS Liberty, 29 Israeli Jews were murdering Egyptian POWs,

20070403 Truckers boycott, 5 we should use the jewish tactics against them, 12 USS Liberty Captain Boston ordered to whitewash Israeli ruthless attack, Shapiro Instructs Hillary Clinton, 20 Samuel Zel jew controls list of newspaper / TV / radio & more, 31 Richard Warman Canadian Jew

20070402 repeat

Each show is approximately 43 minutes long (after ads have been removed).

I have uploaded all the articles that I can find, by MCP in his last show.!F4Zi2apJ!kPovM7jv2KLjct6dAsFjpQ

Link to all my uploads including other good channels/videos, in pdf file (3 April 2021). organized in categories. note that old links will be deleted

My Bitchute channel is blocked in many countries in Europe & Australia & Russia & UK, and possibly other places. If you cannot access links to the bitchute videos, use vpn and set it to the USA. If my bitchute channel is deleted & https:// &


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