MyWhiteSHOW -- SineAid and HyleKunt are crypto-jews. Headlines Hell. Meme of All Time.

Published on Mar 8, 2021
This episode adds up the clues to make the conclusion that SineAid (Sinead McCarthy) and HyleKunt (Kyle Hunt) are crypto-jews, partners in slime, pretending to be Whites while working viciously to undermine White males and to sow defeatism.

Remember: crypto-jews don’t tell us they’re jews! We have to investigate, add up the evidence, and make our own conclusions in order to rout out vipers from our pro-White anti-jew Truth movement.

Also in this 4th episode of Season Two, take a brief tour through Headlines Hell on a “Right Wing” controlled-opposition news aggregator.

And see the Meme of All Time.

MyWhiteSHOW is Your White Show!
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