Sarah Adams and Max Spiers at The Bases Project 2nd International Conference

Published on Aug 3, 2020
Sarah Adams and Max Spiers jointly present: 'AI' Interface with the Controlling Elite at The 2nd Bases International Conference and Film Festival 2015, hosted by Ben Emlyn-Jones.

Fully awakened as a young child, Sarah remembers the higher realms and choosing to come to Earth. Having had a difficult childhood, she knows how to personally overcome challenges and obstacles to strengthen one's soul energy. There are different ways, such as energy healing and the removal of psychic attachments to bring soul alignment. A full body energy healing delves into the very subtle energy grids of the soul. She invites each of us to open our hearts to humour, love and self-acceptance.

Max is connected to multiple mind control (MK) projects and has an indepth understanding into the world of MK, having spent the last 15 years looking into what really happened to him from a very young age, and the codex that pulls all this together. In 2008, just after turning 30, he went through a series of bizarre and frightening events, which some call 'alter bleed through'.

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