Kurt Zadek Lewin and the Tavistock Institute - #1 in mind control for 100+ years

Published on Feb 3, 2021
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Zadek is just like Tzaddik, which means an exemplary Rabbi. This mensch came over from Germany in 1932 because of the Nasi. He was at Stanford where the SRI is, a Tavistock offshoot, then went to head MIT's research center for group dynamics. Responsible for group psychology, group relations, workplace sensitivity training, keeping people in what he called a child-like state of plasticity, using trauma to do that.
Article he wrote from 11/1/1936 "Tests of Child Frustration
May Be Key to Education"
Prof. Kurt Lewin of Harvard, who
has conducted many experiments on
the comparative behavior of children under autocratic, democratic
and anarchistic conditions said: "It
is a good
case for Illustrating
behavior of an Individual which
may, without his intention, have an
extreme effect on the social structure.”
obituary from 1947


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