How Evolution Produced the New Atheism - E. Michael Jones (Duginist shill)

Carl Behrens
Published on Aug 10, 2020
Warning: E.M. Jones is seemingly a crypto Duginist and Iranian shill who harbours socialist ideas and subscribes to Vatican 2. Knowing this in advance this video has some fantastic information about science, atheism and the problems of the big bang theory. This channel does not support the political/economic ideas of Dr. Jones, nor are we Persia-philes who think the American constitution and US freedom is the enemy of mankind.

E. Michael Jones debates the logic of Darwinism and its role in the destruction of Christianity.

"Oligarchs love atheism, because with atheism there is no moral law and when there is no moral law they can crush you without thinking twice!" E. Michael Jones

"For a man who does not believe in a miracle, a slow miracle would be just as incredible as a swift one.

Nobody can imagine how nothing could turn into something. Nobody can get an inch nearer to it by explaining how something could turn into something else. It is really far more logical to start by saying ‘In the beginning God created heaven and earth’ even if you only mean ‘In the beginning some unthinkable power began some unthinkable process.’ For God is by its nature a name of mystery, and nobody ever supposed that man could imagine how a world was created any more than he could create one. But evolution really is mistaken for explanation. It has the fatal quality of leaving on many minds the impression that they do understand it and everything else; just as many of them live under a sort of illusion that they have read the Origin of Species."

GK Chesterton

"The jig is up. All of the captives are, by decree, to be let out of jail. The captives being those who were coerced into believing evolution. The jail being the irrational and preposterous assumptions made by the New-Atheists and the Darwinists that "atoms formed" and "something came from nothing". Evolution is a lie. A lie formed to control you. A lie perpetuated by oligarchs who think about you as cattle, and gives them moral standing to harvest you as such, because survival of the fittest is their first commandment. The Truth is, God created. You have a purpose. "Love thy neighbor as self", which is the second greatest commandment behind "Love thy God above all things". "Love thy neighbor as self" is antithetical to natural selection and the religion of Darwin. Survival of the fittest and "Love thy neighbor as self" cannot coexist. "Love thy God above all things" and the idea that there is no God cannot coexist. Whom will you serve? For man cannot serve two masters, he will love one and hate the other. Whom will you serve? The Athiestic, cold , calculated harvesters of human cattle. Or the Good Shepard, Who lovingly died for the sake of His flock. I have made my choice of Master, and I will never look back on the old one, who only gave me emptiness and ashes. Saint Augustine of Hippo said, “Thus, a good man, though a slave, is free; but a wicked man, though a king, is a slave. For he serves, not one man alone, but what is worse, as many masters as he has vices." I declare myself a slave, to Jesus Christ, and His Blessed Mother and Virgin, Mary. I am a slave, yet free. Whom will you serve?"


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