Tribal Dominance Hierarchy pt. 2 (occulted knowledge)

Published on Jul 8, 2020
Caesar talks about building a tribe that can survive and be strong against the threats of the Wasteland. He talks about how each member serves a role as an instrument of war or production, and applying the Hegelian dialectic to forge his fate as a nation or tribe. This is reminiscent of the Musketeer motto: all for one and one for all. The One is the capstone of the pyramid and the All is the base of the pyramid. As Above So Below; As Below So Above, the second Hermetic principle. Alchemy is the process of integration and purification, making an object more refined and higher quality. It can be applied to anything, including a nation of people. The Musketeer motto is the same one used by the Q Anon shills: WWG1WGA which stands for "where we go one, we go all."

* Notice how Caesar says he's against the female matriarchy of the NCR's democracy, saying "it's the first tribe I'm ideologically opposed." Caesar represents the patriarchy of fascism and the NCR represents the matriarchy of democracy. As soon as the NCR's female queen leaves her rulership, the democracy descends into diffusion, weakness, and instability. Female energy is more diffuse and spread out, creative and intuitive, while a male's energy is more concentrated, intellectual and technological.

Original title: Caesar Explains Himself
Fallout New Vegas: Caesar (Edward Sallow) explains why he created the Legion, talks about his view of the NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel (possibly making a reference to the Midwestern Brotherhood) and talks about medicine.

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