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Published on Aug 12, 2020
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This is Bavaria:
This is Baden-Württemberg:
German castles:

Switch on subtitles to see the names of the cities and locations!

The video scenes of Berchtesgaden and the Ramsauer Alps are from AbuShakra, who gave me permission to use them:

All credit goes to him, pls check out his channel!

Many of the scenes are from "Deutschland von Oben" and other drone videos, credit goes to them (I can add you any time in the description, just write a comment thanks!)

I claim the fair use for this video, as I did not just upload videos 1 to 1, but made a remix of scenes, so my own touch is in it as well.

This is Germany. From the rough Alps to the beaches of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. With its Baroque Bavarian monasteries, beer gardens, mountain huts and the half timbered houses in its romantic towns. Majestic Gothic cathedrals, Renaissance style operas and mighty skyscrapers define this land. The Rhine river with its medieval castles are important features as well. The palaces and historical monuments give Germany its soul. The modern Autobahn, airports and economical hubs assure the strength and prosperity of this country in the heart of Europe. Germany is tradition and modernism in one; Germany is an old nation that has been shaped by its people for over a thousand years and will continue its way to a bright future in accordance to friendship, respect to its neighbors and the world. Germany is my fatherland and the country that gives me my unique identity. We’ve had dark and bright years in our history. We have risen from the ashes after every conflict and kept our place among the best nations in the world. Germany is more than a piece of land. Germany is an idea, a spirit created by generations of people. Germany is a flame, and every German is one spark and part of a greater community.


1: Two steps from Hell - Victory
2: Epic Inspirational - Royalty Free Background Music by e-soundtrax
3: Homecoming - PapafiotMusic
4: Ivan Torrent - Icarus

Someone told me that the video has been linked on Epoch Times, what an honour thanks so much!

"Hier berichtet die EpochTimes über dieses Video von Dr. Ludwig: "

Disclaimer: All videos are apolitical and this channel is against any form of extremism or hatespeech!
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